Core Kiteboarding GT - Kite only

All in one - this is literally meant for GT: a Delta that reminds to a c-kite from its shape and has some properties of a Bow. The new delta kite by CORE boasts an amazing balance and performance.
The successful synthesis of delta-, bow-and C-kite combines all the positivecharacteristics of each system.

  • GT has the low end of the CORE RIOT and has more jump power of his stable mate. In terms of maneuverablity and high end it resembles wave kites.  The explosive power development and the unique very direct bar feeling of the GT looks for his peers.
  • GT can blow out on both front leashes completely pressure-less, the fifth leash is not needed
  • GT is for free stylers, free riders or wake stylers. Beginners as well as experts or contest riders will have fun with this kite.
  • Effortless auto relaunch, of course in deep water as well.
  • Service friendly fast pump system.
  • One bar for all kites.
  • Kite only, incl. Kite backpack
  • Repair Kit Pro

Area of Application Freeride, Wakestyle, Wave
Included in delivery kite, backpack, repair kit

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